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  • The Insanity of Killing

    People who get joy out of killing other people are, of all human beings, most insane!!!
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    Tithes and Offerings

    Payable to:
    Trinity Baptist Church

    Mail to:
    Trinity Baptist Church
    P. O. Box 302
    Greensboro, North Carolina 27402 USA

    October 11, 2023

    My testimony:


    I began preaching on radio in the year 1986. I paid the bills myself. A radio station manager in Raleigh, North Carolina told me that people would not send money to help with my ministry unless I offered to send them some material item. I told him that I did not want to do that.

    Fast Forward: It is now more than 35 years later. I have not offered any material thing. NOBODY sends money to help support this ministry - - - BUT, Almighty God has kept this ministry going!!! So, if there are 8 BILLION people on Planet Earth and NOT ONE has a heart to help support this ministry - - -NO PROBLEM!!!!

    Almighty God has proved to me that He is GREATER THAN 8 billion people. HALLELUJAH!!!

    I refuse to beg people to support God's work.

    Pastor Clarence William Page
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  • A Matter of Perspective

    A Matter of Perspective

    Hate Speech = Advancing Intolerant Views (They say)

    Sinful Speech = Advancing unGodly Views (I say)

    Author: Pastor Clarence William Page

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